Staff Outsourcing

Outsourcing has provided businesses around the globe regardless of size, an option to significantly cut the cost of its operation. Cost per employee in an Outsource company is significantly lower than hiring someone local. It also allows the business to forecast the cost of its operations over time since outsourcing companies have fix rates that escalates very little over the years.

It takes a considerable amount of investment to put up a facility, purchase the necessary equipment, hardware, software, and recruit, train and employ people for a business. The maintenance and management of all these assets is also very costly and challenging. Outsourcing covers and addresses all these concerns. The best thing is that everything is scalable according to the needs of the business. A business is given the option to start from a single outsourced employee to several hundred even thousands.

Employee management maintaining their short term and long term benefits are also challenging factors in running a business. The uncertainty in all business ventures is also a never ending concern. With Outsourcing, businesses need not worry on retrenchment, retirement and other legally mandated benefits as the personnel working for the business is the sole responsibility of the Outsourcing company.

Risk is also significantly reduced in terms of capital investment as Outsourcing covers all aspects and the business only needs to pay the agreed upon rate per employee per month depending on the contract. All required maintenance and management are also transitioned to the Outsourcing company allowing a business to focus more on improving its products and services, innovating and creating new ideas into reality and pursue other worthy endeavors that will make a company grow exponentially.

Why Staff Outsourcing?

Cost Savings

This is the primary benefit and reason why companies venture into Outsourcing. The resources, expertise and technology needed to support a variety of business requirements are provided at a cost significantly lower than doing it in-house.


The business climate all throughout the world has changed drastically over the past few decades. From employee headcount, facility, tool, machinery, operational maintenance and everything that is essential to the business infrastructure are continuously challenged by the ever-changing demand in the local and global market. By Outsourcing, a company is given the flexibility to manage and transition a huge part of their business infrastructure with minimal risks as it will be mostly managed and operated by the outsourcing company.

Ease of Commerce

Essentially, Outsourcing is aimed not only in reducing operational cost but to provide effective business solutions that will empower companies to grow their business exponentially with ease. By outsourcing non-core activities and support, businesses are able to focus more on their core expertise so they can develop new products and services that will give them the competitive edge in the market.

Technology-driven Solutions

We use state-of-the-art equipment and tools to ensure we deliver a globally competitive business support.

Process-oriented Solutions

Staff Outsourcing is committed in delivering the results that our clients want. We customize processes according to the needs of the business and ensure we have consistency in place at all times.

Effective Employee Management

It is a critical component of any successful company to manage its human resource effectively. Staff Outsourcing allows our partners to focus on what drives their business knowing our solutions and services are there to support them.



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