Stores Manager

Purpose of the Role: To provide continuous supply of materials both raw & finished goods to all
the internal customers to ensure uninterrupted production, business and sales by managing and
controlling costs, inventory levels, thefts and pilferage

Minimum Requirements
Education: Minimum Degree or Diploma in Warehouse Management.

Relevant Previous Experience:
1) Worked for at least 5 years in a supervisory capacity in a Warehouse of a manufacturing set up
2) Managed a team of more than 10 -15 people

Business Understanding:
Should understand,
1) Production set up
2) Manufacturing process
3) Optimal Inventory Control and Utilization with Total Quality Management tools.
4) Processes and procedures related to Warehouse & Inventory Management- Kanban

Functional Skills:
1) Reconciliation of the raw material physical stock with SAP stocks and same for finished goods
2) Inventory Management-inventory turnover level, reorder level, EOQ
3) Stacking of items as per the standard process
4) Ability to monitor and minimize the holding costs
5) Cycle counts as per the ISO and Kaizen processes
6) TQM tools for continuous improvement
7) Derivation of Why-Why Analysis
8) Understanding of logistics and supply chain systems and processes

Generic Skills:
1) Understand numbers and analyze them
2) Proficient with MS Office- Word and excel tools
3) Documentation
4) Must have working knowledge of an inventory management system/software

Behavioral Skills:
1) Planning & organization
2) Strict & positive aggression
3) Alert and vigilant
4) People Management
5) Whistle blower

Critical Non-Negotiable attributes
1) Minimum 5 years of experience in supervisory capacity in Warehouse Department of a
manufacturing company
2) Calm & problem-solving approach
3) Handled a Team of at least 10 staff

Key Responsibilities
1) Ensure OTIFEF (On time, in full and error free) is followed for all deliveries to internal or external
customers, follow FIFO, ensure MSDS- material safety and data safety at all times.
2) Ensure the physical stocks match with the stocks in the system
3) Ensure the store is always stacked as per the categories and make judicious use of space
4) Ensure upkeep of stores, equipment’s, and facilities in co- ordination with Production and
Quality teams
5) Maintain the Health & Safety standards to provide a safe and conducive workplace
6) Ensure reconciliation of raw material issued to the item produced is done as per the set process
7) Ensure the requisition for the raw material/spares etc is raised and submitted to Procurement
Team in good time and as per the process
8) Receive and inspect all incoming materials and reconciles with purchase orders, processes, and
distributes documentation with purchase orders, report, documents and track damages and
discrepancies on order received
9) Ensure all the incoming and outgoing goods are checked and accounted for in the system and all
necessary documentation done
10) Resolve the internal customer complaints and direct them to the appropriate authorities for
11) Ensure availability of stock, avoid stock outs, dead stocks, and obsolete stocks, control the
holding costs by getting goods just in time, and adhere to EOQ.
12) Avoid and control wastage, monitor the expiry dates, report the cases of abnormal stock use
and investigate the matter.
13) Plan for the perpetual stock takes- daily, weekly, and monthly in coordination with other QC &
Procurement Teams.
14) To implement and improve Kaizen and ISO and also train the staff on the same
15) Provide training, mentoring and supervision of team to ensure high performance, skill
upgradation and leadership development
16) Ensure the Technical Data Sheet (TDS), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Certificate of
Analysis (COA) of ALL the Raw Materials are maintained and updated in line with the Raw Materials list
17) Must ensure all data is posted accurately and on time, into the
company’s information management system – SAP

Specific to Finished Goods:
1) To liaise with the production team on Kanban system to ensure no stock outs as point of sale
2) Issue as per the sales order only
3) Ensure the Internal Transfers are done on time with care
4) Ensure the physical stock matches the system stock

Team Management
1) Set goals for team on time, aligned to business objectives
2) Provide on the job mentoring and Identify training programs & developmental interventions to
enable higher performance.
3) Conduct regular performance reviews and give timely feedback.
4) Connect and engage with team for higher motivation and retention.
5) Discuss career aspirations and provide opportunities for growth.
6) Ensure adequate staffing of team with respect to numbers and competence.

Typical Tasks (indicative but not exhaustive)
1) To issue materials only in required quantities against authorized requisition notes/material lists
and reconcile the same immediately at the end of the production shift.
2) Informing the quality department of the new goods arrival and ascertaining the quality checks
are satisfactory
3) To check and receive purchased materials forwarded by the receiving department and to
arrange for the storage in appropriate places.
4) Handle the non-conforming goods as per the company process
5) Conduct random stock checks for at least 5 items on a daily basis
6) Strict control check points to reduce damages and thefts.
7) Handle disciplinary cases in consultation with HR for any damages/thefts etc.
8) Prepare and analyse the various reports namely- GRN, stock take, consumption reports.
9) Analyze the MIS to monitor the usage of raw materials, assist in forecasting the need of ordering
to ensure the stocks are replenished and ordered in time.
10) Attend the circle/team meetings to discuss the observations, issues faced and plan for the day
11) Ensure during the changeover & for night shifts material are requested in time and delivered on
12) Manage Team Performance, handle queries and provide constant supervision and guidance.
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